We're delighted to have received lots of wonderful testimonials from our clients... and we're adding to these all the time.

Warden: When Denise (Manager) went to assess a new client at the Warden said how pleased she is that it is Carers at Home looking after Mr x because she thinks the agency is excellent and we are all wonderful.

Warden: When going to assess a new client, Lilly met the warden who said “thank goodness it’s your agency who will be going into Mr x”. Mr x is reluctant to accept care. She said “I think your carers will be able to persuade him to have help”.

Warden: said of the client “I have seen a 200% improvement in her since your carers have been coming in, I’m hoping Carers at Home will be able to pick up another client soon who needs help when she comes out of hospital”.

Warden: said “I was so pleased to hear that Carers at Home were visiting a client”. She added, “I went to a meeting yesterday with Social services and told them, carers at Home are excellent, can we not use them as the sole agency?”

Warden: said “Well done on getting an excellent rating from CQC, you deserve it”.

Warden: Could you thank all the carers who kindly care for our clients and for all the persons behind the scenes who organise everything. Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work you are all committed to caring for others.

Warden: said “I think all your girls are amazing with the Client and you provide a very, very good service”

Warden of Day Centre: “ I think that all your carers that come to Derek are brilliant.”

Manager Retirement Housing: The Daughter in law of a potential client rang to enquire about care for her mother in law who lives in a retirement housing scheme. She said the Manager, had recommended Carers at Home and said the carers are very nice that come to the residents here.

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