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It’s all about your personality. If you’re able to show the following attributes then we want to hear from you.

No experience needed

You don’t need any prior experience or qualifications and we welcome applications from all ages and backgrounds.

We’ll help you build on your existing skills and give you full training and support to enable you to be a great care worker.

If you enjoy working as part of a team and making a real difference to someone’s day every time you go to work, then this could be the role for you.

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About the role

Carers at Home Surrey

What makes a good carer?

It’s often the little things in life that some of our clients miss and need the most.

As a care worker your main role will be to help and support our clients to enable them to live safely and comfortably in their own home, allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Companionship and human interaction will be your most important tasks as (in some instances) you may be the only contact they have on a day to day basis.

Simply chatting or reading to a client will help to brighten their day and help them feel connected to the outside world. If you already have a caring personality, this will come naturally to you.

Carers at Home Day to day care

Day to day responsibilties

Every client is an individual and will have unique needs. Your role as a carer will therefore vary throughout the day.

Some clients will require more assistance than others (such as washing and toileting). For other clients, simply popping in and having a chat over a nice cup of tea might be all they need.

As a care worker, our clients will be looking to you for friendship and also for you to act as their advocate/supporter.

Typical day to day duties might include:-

· light housework
· laundry
· meal preparation
· diet monitoring
· administering prescribed medication
· helping going to bed/getting up
· washing, bathing and showering
· shopping and errands

Carers at Home Team

Why Carers at Home?

Established in 2007 Carers at Home is independently owned and managed by Lilly, Katie and Sam. It really does make a difference. We care about our care workers and appreciate the meaningful work that they do in improving our clients’ lives.

We care about our staff, making Carers at Home a nicer place to work. Many of our team have been with us for over 5 years and several team members have been with us for 10 years or more.

  • Award-winning agency

  • Independently rated excellent

  • Hundreds of positive reviews

  • Experienced team

  • Independent business

  • Long-serving colleagues (10+ years)

  • Career development opportunities

What we offer

We try to be the very best employer with good career development opportunities. We are a ‘hands-on’ local care agency and we know that having great, happy staff, means we have happy clients receiving great care too.

  • Flexible hours to suit you
  • Free training to Care Certificate standard
  • 28 days annual paid holiday
  • Free staff uniforms
  • 35p per mile allowance
  • Paid attendance at meetings
  • Fast-track DBS checks
  • Paid attendance at meetings
  • Pension scheme
  • Free Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Covid-19 testing
CAH Careers

Career development

The experience you gain as a care worker can also help you pursue your chosen career. Becoming a care worker can lead on to many great roles in health care, nursing, and more.

Michaela (pictured) spent 10 years with us before joining the ambulance service, Ciaran is also studying to be a Paramedic. Other team members include Lucy, Laura and Jess (all of whom went on to study for a Nursing degree) George (who worked for us during holidays whilst undertaking a psychology degree) a

Pay and benefits

Standard pay

Bank holidays
Christmas Day

£11.00 – £16.00 per hour
£12.50 – £18.00 per hour
£13.50 – £20.00 per hour
£15.50 – £24.00 per hour

In addition to standard pay, you will also be entitled to

If working full-time
If you work 5 days a week or more for us, 
you will receive 28 days paid holiday per year (including bank holidays) .

If working part-time
If you work part-time you will receive holiday on a pro-rata basis. For example… if you work an average of 2 ½ days a week you will receive 14 days paid holiday per year.

How we calculate your holiday pay
Your will receive paid holiday calculated on the average amount that you have earned in the last 12 weeks. For example… if you have worked 20 hours per week on average over the 12 week period, you will receive 20 hours of holiday pay.

You will initially be provided with up to 5 days of comprehensive care worker training. This will be provided to you for free (so long as you complete your 3-month probationary period).

You will not be paid to attend your initial training, however once you have received your skills for care certificate, you will be paid pay for ALL of the work you do. This includes attending further training and company meetings (not all agencies offer this).

35p per mile business allowance (tax free)
Free staff uniform
Free PPE (masks and disposable gloves etc).

What our staff say

Carers at Home are pleased to have received various awards over the years, including Surrey Care Association ‘Care Team of the Year’.

Carers at Home have been independently rated “Outstanding in care” by the Care Quality Commission. This is the highest rating an agency can achieve and we are very proud of it.

Here are some of the lovely things some of our current and former care workers have said about working for us (names have been redacted for privacy).

Care Worker: email – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Carers At Home for giving me the chance to work for such a great organisation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge whist working within a great team.

Prospective care worker: When Lilly was interviewing she asked the candidate if how she had heard about CAH. She stated that whilst visiting in Elmbridge Village she saw one of our care workers and asked what it was like to work for CAH. The care worker said “it is an excellent company to work for, they are very supportive and I am very happy”.

Care Worker (resigning): C wrote a letter of resignation to start her planned nursing practice. She wrote: I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the training you have given and making my time within the company a productive and enjoyable one. I have learnt a great deal with regards to caring, communication and working with others. I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to carry out my nursing placement with you in the office. I greatly appreciate everything you showed and taught me and taking the time to do this. Thank you.

Care Worker: (on leaving) wrote saying: Lilly and Richard and staff – “I would just like to thank you for the opportunity for working with you and your staff. When I first started I like to thank the ones who took me under their wings and showed me how to become a good care worker. I have never worked with such a dedicated and hard working group of people. Working as a team has been the drive to get over the difficult times and really enjoy the happy times. I will miss you all. Best wishes J xx

Care worker: said to Jo “this is the best job I have ever had and the best working year I’ve ever had.” We are impressed with KW too – she has proved to be a great care worker, conscientious, kind, reliable and caring. Lilly
Care Worker: ER-D said to Ellen ”I have received a really nice compliment and it makes me feel really good about myself”. The client said to ER-D “you have a very gentle way, I hope you come back again very soon.”

Care Worker: gave her notice in writing, she said ‘I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for the time I spent working for Carers at Home and wish you all the best for the future. Everything I know about care I have learned from you and I really enjoyed working her.’ She also came into the office to say thank you for supporting her and being understanding about a personal issue she had.

New Care Worker: When PT came for an interview she said that a colleague she worked with at Elmbridge village had recommended Carers at Home, saying what a good reputation we had. PT said she had also heard about the good quality care and service Carers at Home provided.

New applicant: came to the office today to apply for a care worker position. She said she came before to enquire when CAH were in the High Street and was very impressed with the person she spoke to there. She said CAH have a very good reputation and she is interested in working for us.

Care Worker: At AB’s appraisal she said that she found L particularly supportive when a client had passed away, she said that L was brilliant

New Care Worker: MMP has recently started with CAH and she has been out shadowing. She said the company is very organised. The carers have all been lovely that I have worked with, very welcoming, they are a credit to you. She felt that the support was very good that had received so far.

Job applicant: CD came to the office today enquiring about a job in care work CD said that Carers at Home had been highly recommended by someone from another domiciliary care agency.

Care Worker: At her appraisal said that she is very happy working with Carers at Home and thinks it is a good company to work for. She also said that the L and J do a very good job rostering and has no complaints with her roster. The carer worker added, M is very good too, always cheerful and helpful. s

Induction Training

You will take a four day induction training course before you join us (at no cost to you). Once you become an employee you will then spend time shadowing an experienced care worker colleague until you and we are happy that you are able to go out on your own.

If you are completely new to care work you will be placed on a more thorough assessment process that leads to you being awarded a Care Certificate after around 12 weeks.

Sound interesting?

If you are interested in becoming a care worker (or would simply like to find out more about the role) please click on the button below and we’ll call you back for an informal chat.

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