Our values

Our Aim

Put simply, our aim is to improve people’s lives. We support clients who can no longer care for themselves adequately in their own homes.

The care and support we offer to clients ensures that their rights are maintained at all times.

We help clients to maintain their independence and endeavour to provide the highest standard of person centred care possible.

Our Values

1. Excellence
Being a high-performing organisation

2. Caring
Treating everyone with dignity and respect

3. Integrity
Doing the right thing

4. Teamwork
Learning from each other to be the best we can

Ensuring Quality Care

To ensure the very best levels of care, we constantly ask ourselves: Is our Service…. Safe? Effective? Caring? Responsive? Well led?

1. Safety
People are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.

2. Effectiveness
People’s care, treatment and support achieves good outcomes, promotes a good quality of life and is evidence-based where possible.

3. Caring
Our staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.

4. Responsiveness
Our services are organised so that they meet people’s needs.

5. Leadership
The leadership, management and governance of our company assures the delivery of high-quality person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture.

Our Duty of Candour

We have a duty to be open and transparent with people who use our services and other ‘relevant persons’ (people acting lawfully on their behalf) in relation to care and treatment.

We have clear guidelines that we follow. In hopefully the unlikely event that things might not be as they should be, our procedures include informing people about the incident, providing reasonable support, providing truthful information and an apology.

We promote a culture that encourages candour, openness and honesty at all levels. It is a culture fully supported and promoted by Lilly and Richard, the owners of Carers at Home, a culture of safety that supports organisational and personal learning.

In interpreting what is meant by duty of candour we use the definitions of openness, transparency and candour.

 A Reminder of our Key Values….

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