We're delighted to have received lots of wonderful testimonials from our clients... and we're adding to these all the time.

The Community Support Worker:  rang to say that the handover meeting with the client and our company had gone very well and how impressed she was with the Carers at Home care plan and how much relevant detail it held.

Social Services Care Manager: rang Lilly to say that the review with Mrs R and her daughter had gone very well. They are delighted with the care being provided by Carers at Home, the care has never gone so well before Carers at Home started.

Social Services Care Manager and client’s son meeting: “all the cares are all very nice and helpful”.

Social Services Care Manager: said to Lilly “Do you know what the good thing is about Carers at Home? We (S/S) have not heard anything from 2 particular clients, who were constantly on the phone with problems regarding the service they were getting from the previous agency. Both clients are now very satisfied and very happy with the service from Carers at Home”.

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say how well, and smoothly, the care was now going with client and the family.

Social Services Care Manager: When CM rang Lilly today to ask if client’s visits could be increased, said how happy the client’s sister was happy with the care. She said she was ‘chuffed’  and ‘delighted’.

Social Services Care Manager: At client’s review the Care manager said how pleased she was to work with Carers at Home. She considered us to be ‘caring and liked our attitude’.

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say the client’s wife had called to say is very happy with the help they are getting. The wife said to her “we have very good people coming into to help.”

Waverley care lines:  Whilst visiting the client the person responsible at Waverley for the care lines was also there with a gentleman who was testing the care line and smoke detector. She said to Lilly “I wish all my Clients had you (referring to Carers at Home), you are so caring.”

Social Services Care Manager:visited client to see how the care was going. She said it was going much better the anticipated and the client and his wife are very pleased with the input from Carers at Home.

Social Services Care Manager: During a telephone conversation a Care Manager said she was recently speaking to a daughter of a new client. When she asked the daughter which agency she was using she replied “You could not have gone with a better agency”.

Social Services Carer Manager: came to the office to deliver an expired care plan and said “You are all doing a sterling job”.

Social Services Care Manager: said that “the client was singing Carers at Homes’ praises and said they were all very good”.

Social Services Care Manager: On a conference call regarding a client she said “Thank you for everything you have all done for her, especially with the dog, you have gone over and above the call of duty. I take my hat off to you”.

The Community Matron: said “You have done a great job, they are getting on so much better and well done to the girls, an excellent job, the client’s legs are so much better”.

Social Services Care Manager: (When arranging a review for the client), said “It is brilliant that the care is going so well, I never thought it would go so well”. “(the client) was very ill last year, but is managing now so well with the help going in, and his wife seems very happy with the carer too”.

Social Services: had a review with client who said “He is happy with the care he receives and he feels that it works well.

Retiring Social Services employee: said to Lilly “I have enjoyed working with you, you are the best agency around. You have very good staff”

Social Services Care Practitioner:  Following the client review, the Care Practitioner said client was very happy with all the carer workers, they are all marvellous, all very kind and the care is going very well.


Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to do a telephone review on client. She said client was very happy with the care and she could not fault any of the carer workers.

Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to say there had been a review at client’s with the family and herself. The client and the family said that they are very happy with the care and only had praise for the carer workers.

Social Services Care Practitioner: “Client is singing your praises, she is very happy with the service and especially gets on with JM”.

SAVI (Surrey Association for the Visually Impaired): “the care the client receives is more than Five Star, she is so well looked after and is very happy”.

Social Services:  said when she phoned regarding a new referral “You are very popular, everyone has heard about you and wants to come to you (as in agency)”

Social Services: rang asking if we could take on a POC next door to an existing client.  She said Carers at Home is known to the prospective client’s husband and he would very much like up to care for his wife. He was very complimentary about the carers that visit, saying how nice they all are and kind and caring and he would like them to visit his wife.

Social Services/client: Received a written review from Lindsay, Social Services reviewing officer. Mrs A said to  “the Care Workers are very good. Occasionally they are late but I understand that sometimes other clients have unavoidable problems. The carers always ring me if they are going to be 15 minutes late.” Mrs A said “I have a pool of about 10 different Care Workers some of whom come on a regular basis and others who come more infrequently”. Mrs A added that she has a good rapport with all her Care Workers and has no favourites, she feels that the Care Staff are approachable and she is able to ask them if she needs something.”

Social Services: At a review today, said how impressed she was with our paperwork, very clear and detailed, far better than any other agency she knew. She thought the medication side effects were a very good idea.

W.S.C.T: rang regarding a referral from the surgery to S/S about client. She said that he had expressed how happy he was with the care workers from Carers at Home.

Social Services: We regard Carers at Home as 5 star company. The Care Manager also said Carers at Home is a fantastic company, we have them first on the recommendation list for the local social services, they are very reliable and have an excellent team of care workers working for them.

Social Services (ASC): We called today to say we could take the ‘client’ back on when she comes out of hospital. ASC came back after talking to the family to say how delighted they were that CAH could continue caring for the client, they are ‘over the moon’. The family said CAH were their first choice, they were very happy with the care provided by us for both their parents and were so pleased we could still provide care.

Social Services: at a review review said to the client “You have one of the best agencies looking after you”. He said “I know I have and I like all the girls who look after me”Care Manager: said “your agency is the best around”

RSCH Social Care: On a review said to the client “ you are very fortunate to have CAH to do your care they are very well thought of and I am not just saying that because Ellen is sat here” the client said “ I know, they are all lovely and do a good job”

Guildford Social Care (A): When speaking to A about another client I mentioned that J a daughter of a client was ‘grumbling’ at the weekend to LE and MH about Carers at Home and I was about to ring her to find out the problem. A said she was surprised if Jane did have a complaint because Carers at Home was a fantastic agency.

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