We're delighted to have received lots of wonderful testimonials from our clients... and we're adding to these all the time.

The physiotherapist: said to Denise “you are an exceptional person, the agency you work for we had every confidence in. We were all so pleased you were there at the end”.

A member of the stroke team at Milford Hospital who was a friend of the client:  “I only ever hear excellent reports of Carers at Home, I am so pleased you were there with her, especially at the end”

Occupational Therapist: rang to say that she had met PL and CS today to go over the hoisting. She said “she was really impressed with the carers and how smoothly the moving and handling exercise went, the girls really know what they are doing”.

The Community Matron: said “You have done a great job, they are getting on so much better and well done to the girls, an excellent job, the client’s legs are so much better”.

Nurse at care home: said to TH when she went to take client out “I’m glad it’s you, BR likes you and you are very professional and good. It shows you are committed to your job as you shine and obviously love it, you are lovely”.

District Nurse: rang Lilly to make enquiries about the service and arrange an assessment. He said the District Nurse had recommended CAH. “They were emphatic that the Company was very good”.

Physiotherapist: “All the carers are doing a marvellous job”.

District Nurse:  said “I’m amazed, client’s blood sugars are normal.” She was delighted with Carers at Home, especially as the blood sugars are usually very unstable.

District Nurse: rang to say she has visited client today and was very impressed with the care workers and the care she is receiving.

District Nurse: at a review with Social Services, RJ said “Lilly’s care workers are all brilliant, they are excellent with the client.”

District Nurse: said to ES whilst she was visiting a client “we were just talking about Lilly’s girls, they are the best and I recommend them to everyone”. The client said “yes, I agree, they are definitely the best, everyone that has come to me anyway”.

Daughter-in-law: (of a client who had moved to a nursing home) “we are trying to get to the same level of care that you and the girls gave to Mum, which was excellent.”

District Nurse: our client said the district nurse asked her which agency she used. When she said Carers at Home, the district nurse said “Oh Lilly’s girls, they are the best.”

District Nurse:  rang to say Client’s insulin dosage had changed over the weekend and the care workers were very efficient. She said ‘the care workers are a credit to you, they are all very good’.


Physiotherapist: from RSCH rang regarding client’s discharge. Physio said that M’s family were very pleased with the care that Carers at Home were providing and would like her to return home with the same package of care.

District Nurse: Jo went to do the visit this morning at client’s. She met the district nurse, who said “I haven’t come across CAH before, but all the carers are brilliant”. She was very impressed with the care provided.

District Nurse: Introduced the carers today for a first visit. Husband said “I spoke to the district nurse at the weekend and she was saying how good Carers at Home are and was recommending you.”

Community Matron: When assessing Mrs. L, Husband said “Jthe Community Matron, recommended you. She said “Carers at Home are very good, the carers are all very good, I can recommend them.”

McMillian nurse: When she was explaining about the medication for the client, she said to Ellen “you have a real good bunch of carers, they do a grand job.”

Community Nurse: We have had several messages recently complimenting us on the care and support given by Carers at Home staff.  One in particular was from T, the Community Nurse who said of one of our carers (LO)  “I want to compliment her on her exceptional care towards client.  She wrapped cling film around her dressing in order for her to have a shower that she so desperately wanted as well as washing and styling her hair.” T felt she deserved a pat on the back for going beyond her care duties.  She said the carer was exceptional and she wanted to let Carers at Home know.  “Well done and thank you for the fantastic care that you all give, but a special thank you to LO.”

District Nurse: Lilly was discussing the care for this client today to the District Nurse she said the care that client receives is exceptional she is always pristine clean and her pressure areas are so good considering she has been bed bound for quite a few weeks. Your carer’s are doing a really good job there; please pass this on to them

GP: The GP left a message on MH’s phone stating what a fantastic job she is doing with (client). This lady has a lot of mental health issues and physical disabilities which MH has helped her with.

Occupational Therapist: When MC went to (client) yesterday the OT was there. The OT said to MC how smart CAH carers looked, and how professional they were. She compared the moving and handling to another agency who she said, did not demonstrate good techniques, not properly trained and were lifting a client out of the bed without using a hoist because they had not been trained how to use it.

RT (Community Matron) just called to say “ Thank you to all the carers who looked after OB, they all did a very good job and she was pleased that OB got her wish to stay at home too, so that she could end her days as she wished.”

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