We're delighted to have received lots of wonderful testimonials from our clients... and we're adding to these all the time.

Paramedics: Our carer found the client on the floor and called the paramedics. The paramedics required certain information regarding the client and complimented us on the extensive care plan, saying it was “good and had all the information they needed”.

Paramedics: THG visited a client this morning and found her unconscious. The paramedics were called and Lilly arrived soon after. The paramedics said to THG and again to Lilly after the event that THG did exactly the right procedure. They were impressed with her competence. THG kept calm and professional throughout the event.

Paramedic: When the paramedics were attending (client) they remarked how well they dealt with the situation and LE who was on-call.

Paramedic: When Jo was with (client) the paramedics needed to be called. Lesley said the care (provided by CAH) was amazing. Lesley needed information on the client which she found in the CAH care plan. Lesley said how impressed she was with the detail and how comprehensive it was.

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