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We’re delighted to have received many fabulous testimonials over the years.  We’ve listed some of them below (names have been removed for confidentiality).

Daughter of client: Just to say V (client) absolutely loved Maureen and really enjoyed her company. A great match so thank you!

When meeting up with a district nurse, she informed her that MH (wife of former Client ) that they are not happy with the present agency they have. Due to his increased needs, V (client) required double up visit 4 times a day which CAH did not have the capacity to provide. The wife said to the district nurse “Carers at Home were excellent, V (client) and I were very happy with the care and carers and we would so like them to come back and care for dad again”. She added what a difference to the present agency they have.

When assessing new client JM, her daughter, JH, said they particularly wanted CAH to care for her mother. CAH had previously cared for her father and JH said how happy they were with the company and the carers. JH said all the carers last time made them feel at ease and commented on their excellent people skills.

Daughter of client: Once again, thank you so much for all your help and putting up with my calls and emails! I really do appreciate it and understand how much you are trying to help.

Thank you for your care plan. Your attention to detail is fantastic and it looks really good
Dan and I (daughter) have had a look through it and it’s pretty much “spot on”

Thank you so much, that puts my mind at rest.  I sure appreciate you and the team. Sending a big thank you for helping her, and for always taking time to reply to my emails.

ES (Carer worker) was off during lockdown due to health issues. She was furloughed and her money made up to 100%. ES was contacted by Lilly regularly during this time to check on her wellbeing and offer any support. ES said, thank you, she felt so supported and know she can come and talk to me anytime, she said how appreciative she is for everything the company has done for her.

When visiting MW (Client) for a visit she said: “you are very lucky to have your carers, they are all brilliant, every one of them. I couldn’t ask for better care”.

You’re so diplomatic and helpful; you all do a brilliant job. You were all brilliant with my father and brilliant this time round with my mother.

To Lisa and all the team, thank you all so much for looking after my mother until the end and keeping her at home. It was such a relief for me knowing she was in such good hands. You have all been fantastic, so caring and kind. It was greatly appreciated by us all.

“Lilly you run a brilliant organisation. You are excellent at putting all the jigsaw together i.e. carers and clients. Everyone is so caring and take everything in their stride.”

DM was speaking to PF, the son of a client who was leaving our service due to an increased care need after a hospital admission. The son said that he is very grateful for everything all the carers had done for his Dad.  They have all been outstanding.

KD rang to ask PF if would like to receive the visit schedule by email so that he has a copy in case J lost, or could not find the rota we send. He said it he could not run it off, but thanked us and said the care was great.  They were really happy with everything and with his carers.

Hi Richard,  I wanted to show my great appreciation for the help, care and service that my mum, ES and I have received from LK and all the team. Ever since my mum needed help in the home and LK came along to see us, I have been so impressed with the professionalism linked with friendliness and care LK gives, she does not miss a trick.  She has solved problems for us quicker than I would have imagined possible.  My mum’s lifestyle has been maintained and I have been given tremendous support and assistance in every way.  I don’t know how I would have coped without her.  If we have a problem, she sorts it and she is always there for me to discuss my thoughts and ask questions if I have concerns.  My mum’s needs are ever-changing after all she is 99 L has turned on a sixpence and involved O.T.’s and other agencies to help get us to the house, increasing my mum’s package of care etc. so quickly and efficiently.  All of which has given me peace of mind in a very traumatic situation.  My aim was always to let my mum live at home for absolutely as long as possible.  She loves her bungalow.  I could not find the words to thank LK enough.  Please recognise her and praise her.  The rest of the team that visit my mum are all super, with thanks to LK’s guidance and care for her job.  All those ladies need praise and recognition along with LK; she has a great team, each one of which is individual but absolutely super, caring, kind and friendly but at all times preserving dignity. My mum and I could not survive without them. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  Please relay this to all concerned.  Kind Regards,  JB (daughter of client)

At the review K, the friend of client AS said the care workers carry out their tasks to a very high standard and they are extremely happy with the service.

The daughter and son in law of client JB thanked Carers at Home for: ‘all the care and kindness whilst looking after her over the years. She is settling into the care home.’

DP (client’s son) said, ‘it would be lovely to have PL visit where possible as her quality of care is exceptional’.

Thank you for organising the visits, it can’t be easy! It has worked well recently with the timings and excellent care from J, M and C.  Have a lovely Christmas and a restful break.  Best wishes to everyone.

Whilst at the review of an existing client, Kerry, the OT, asked about another client on the ward that Carers at Home are due to start visiting. Kerry said how pleased everyone involved with this gentleman was that we are taking over the care package. Kerry added that Clare (Care Manager) said Carers at Home are the best agency to have.

At the hospital review for AF (client), her family said, “the care provided by Carers at Home is so good, the carers are all brilliant, especially PL. We are very happy with everything.”

JH (son of client, BH) rang and spoke to Jenni. He said when A last visited, she offered to come more frequently if needed as I’m available. JH said, “A and my mum just click and they have a very good chat, M is very good too.”

JH (son of client, BH) rang the office. He said when A last visited, she offered to come more frequently if needed as I’m available. JH said, “A and my mum just click and they have a very good chat, M is very good too.”

Hi Lilly. Had contact with Mum who seems a lot calmer and accepting of situation. I understand you had good talk with her this morning so hopefully, going forward, all will be well. She confirmed that the doctor has details of new drug regime so re ordering should be ok.  Yet another mini crisis averted!!  Thank you so much.  From C – New client’s daughter.

L (daughter) called to say she was sorry that we are not helping her father, RR, anymore but wanted to thank us all for everything we did for him and did express that C was great.

AB ‘s wife V emailed: Just to say we have been happy with the timing of the rota and the continuity of care with JM over the last two weeks. She and A get on well and we both think she is very efficient and nice to have around. If possible, please don’t change it! Best wishes.

B, the daughter of V&M G (clients) emailed to say: MH has been doing a grand job of reading to Mum and Dad – poetry and one of Mum’s favourite novels. Mum really comes alive with poetry, so that had an amazing effect. Music too. So, her visits are very therapeutic.

DM called J to discuss his father G and he said “You are all very kind, I can’t thank you enough for all you do and I have to say MR is great, she is always happy and has a wonderful demure about her.

L, daughter of YT said: Thanks for all your support; you have all been outstanding in your care and consideration to my Mum.

GD, daughter of client, JD, who recently passed away, wrote:
Dear Lilly, I am writing to thank you and all the girls who came into Mum’s life in the last couple of years. We could not have had lovelier ladies and feel we were so lucky with all of them, especially in view of some of the horror stories we all read about in the newspapers, but all of the ones who only came once or twice were truly wonderful with Mum even when, sadly, she a little difficult in the last few weeks. Also thanks to the girls who came to her funeral yesterday.

AF, wife of client, JF, rang. She said “all your girls are gorgeous and THG is absolutely marvellous. They are all good.”

SL, daughter of BE said: It’s been really good having the other carers back, we really like MH but mum really loves having MF also and she really is very good.

AD wife of client, BD rang to say that her husband has gone in for emergency respite. AD said, “I am very impressed with your company, all your girls are very good, thank you for the care.”

D (daughter) said how brilliant JW (carer) was with RC this morning. She said that she managed to get him to have a shower, put all his washing on and tidied up the place thoroughly. She wanted me to thank JW for this and so I gave her a call with the feedback.

D, daughter of client DS, rang Lilly to thank her for all the carers help yesterday. DS had arrived back from respite and due to difficulties breathing was taken directly to the RSCH where he passed away. KW took B, DS wife, in her car as the paramedics advised because he was so unwell, she did not go with them. D said thank you to KW and MC, she added “KW was wonderful, she drove Mum to the hospital, stayed with her until I arrived, about 5 hours later and made sure she ate by buying her a sandwich.”

Niece of client, M rang to say that YT had had a fall. The paramedics were called but they advised a 5 hour wait. CH arrived for the lunch time visit, assessed the situation and managed to assist YT up onto a chair. M praised CH saying how good he was. She added all the carers are very good with YT and all very caring

NH (daughter of client, MH) said at a meeting with Eva at social services, “The agency (CAH) is brilliant. JC is brilliant with my mother as are all the carers including KL and SM.

SK, daughter of client, MK, said to CB from social services “hand on heart, I cannot recommend Carers at Home highly enough”. She added “there is consistency with the carers going which is very important for my mother.”

On visiting MT to do his care visit on Saturday, his wife ST said “you are all fantastic and I can’t thank you enough for the way you clubbed together to support MT while I was away”.

When SK rang today, she said “You are all brilliant, all the ladies are lovely with my Mum, I feel confident that she is in good hands when I go to work.” “I am very happy with the care.”

When talking to LB (niece of client, ES) she said how thrilled they are with all the carers that visit her aunt. She is very happy now that E is getting an extra 15 minutes in the evening because she is getting extra fluids and her tablets. LB added “we do really appreciate all the help.”

Lilly rang QK (sister of client, MK) to wish her and MK all the best. MK is going into a nursing home. QK said “I can’t thank you enough for all your help; there is not one person that has been to Michael that has not been good. All the carers have become like friends to M and I and we have really enjoyed them coming.”

Your carers have been looking after my wife for some time now and we would like to say how pleased we are with all the lovely ladies who have attended her. Without exception they have been punctual, competent, hardworking, sensitive and most important of all HAPPY. Nothing has been too much trouble for any of them and it is a pleasure to have them attend.

Husband of client: “I have a good rapport with all the girls that come to visit and they all chat to J, even though she doesn’t talk.” “We are so fortunate in getting care from your agency. Your company and staff are great.”

CK took a phone call from D (LB’s son) thanking us for sending MC to do the assessment with his father this morning. D was embarrassed that his father was not responsive to having carers and a little difficult. He refused to do the assessment and said he did not need help. MC was reported by D to be ‘Amazing, tolerant, patient and very professional during the visit’. D said that he and his family/sister have been treated with the upmost respect and patient since his sister’s initial enquiry about their father. He thanked CK for all the information and help of organising the assessment and spending a lot of time explaining to his sister what we could provide and how things worked. He went on to say that he had ‘Heard nothing but extremely good things about CAH.’

RB (daughter of client SD) said at the review she finds the office very helpful, particularly CK. SD said he gets on with everyone and likes AF and MC.

When visiting JF (client) his wife AF said “Lilly, you have a good lot there, all your carers are really lovely and have been so helpful to me, especially since I’ve done this (AF recently broke her arm). JF added that he is very happy with the carers and everything they do.

At the review DP, son of client, GP, said how good all the carers are with his mother, and very nice, but PL is particularly good.

Received a letter from MW (client) and AW (husband):

Dear Lilly, Your Carers have been looking after M for some time now and we would like to say how pleased we are will all the Lovely Ladies who have attended her.

Without exception, all the ladies have been punctual, competent, hardworking, sensible and most important of all, HAPPY, and nothing has been too much trouble for any of them and it is a pleasure to have them attend.

Also, we appreciate the fact that your Office has always kept us informed when any Carers are going to be late etc.

We know that any business is only as good as its staff, but equally important is good management, which your company obviously has, therefore we would like to compliment you on both aspects.

Would you please convey to your staff involved how pleased we are with all the ladies who have attended her.

JS (GS’s son) said to DM how grateful he was, and couldn’t thank us enough, all the carers are excellent.

SH, daughter of MP said: All seems to be going well at Mum’s with your lovely ladies, and Mum likes everyone who has been.

Dear Lilly, A big thank you to all the team for helping make sure my father’s CT scan went smoothly last week. It was complicated, with all the requirements about food, timing etc., and my father was quite anxious about it, so it was lovely and very reassuring to know that I could rely on all of you to help him through it. So many thanks to everyone, especially KB, AF & MC for all they did. Could you please pass my thanks on to them.

CK (wife of client TK) rang with an invoice query, whilst on the phone she said all the carers are very good, RD is doing very well. As a registered manager herself CK said she was particularly impressed by the detail in our care plans and how thorough they are

When talking to AB (son of client, IB) he said all the carer are doing a brilliant job.

J (relative of former client, SB) came into the office to thank the carers. J said “we are so grateful for everything you did for Stan, you knock spots off the other agencies”. She added “we have dealt with a lot of other agencies and they don’t compare to yours, they need to come and see how your work and how it is done properly, if there is ever a problem you are straight on it.” J especially praised CH (deputy) and RH (carer) and said how kind and caring they were to uncle.

When JC me with T (former care worker of CAH, now doing nurses training) she said, I recommend CAH to everyone looking for care. She added, Lilly is the best manager anyone could have.

When visiting JM today she said how kind KW (senior carer) to her. When JM told KW what an upsetting day she had, had because of things going wrong, KW had sat with her for 20 minutes longer than the half hour visit to chat and reassure. JM said how grateful she was and how much better it made her feel.

When JC visited NP (Client) she said Lilly has gone over and above. I had a fall on the Thursday, rang her on the Friday asking for help and she visited on the following Monday to do the assessment and help me with personal care. She also rang the district nurse straight after the visit to report I had a sore bottom and rang the OT regarding equipment I needed. Within a few days I had a commode, mattress for my bed and a special cushion for my bed and the district came the same day and prescribed a cream.

At the funeral of client JR, the family thanked Carers at Home for looking after her and said JR looked on the carers as friends and mentioned in particular, MC, KW, TE and JP.

Whilst at the visit today, TL arrived to do NP (Client’s) cleaning. TL said “I’m so pleased Carers at Home are coming to N, you are the best agency around.

At the assessment, NP said that Carers at Home came highly recommended to her from previous clients and her cleaner, TL.

Just to re-iterate my thanks to you all for your help with current situation. (Covid 19). LM (daughter of client)

At her appraisal ERD said she has really enjoyed working for CAH, she said it such a pleasure, it really is, to work for you. She added, “You have everything to a T, I’m very impressed how you look after your staff members and clients. I’d like to find you more care workers and tell them they don’t know what they are missing.”

“You have the most amazing team. Nan’s carers yesterday washed and curled her hair for her. We have been trying to work out how we could do it for a while. Thank you so much you and your team are so thoughtful”. KN – granddaughter of a client.

Compliment from AF (wife) about LG (carer). ‘I shall miss LG, she’s a lovely young girl who’s always happy, bubbly and helpful and just gets on with the job. 

“To all the dear carers who look after mum so well, you are such a tremendous support”.
Daughter of client.

From NM (relative)- I actually have just got a message from my aunt who spoke to Mum, seems she was quite up beat about the nice young girl who came to shower her on Monday.That young lady is a Star.

At her appraisal TE (carer) said she felt supported by everyone, especially KL, Richard and Lilly, she added that Carers at Home are like family to her and she feels she can and talk to anyone anytime, there is always someone there.

My mother and I both enjoyed meeting you yesterday and I thank you for your time and the tactful way you managed the meeting. My mother is looking forward to seeing you again on Monday with the appointed carer.

BC (Client) sent a letter with her final cheque. She wrote “thank you very much for your kind and efficient help to me over the past few months. All the carers who came here are extremely nice girls who I was so pleased to have met. They were like a breath of fresh air. Should I ever need your services again, I will know where to come.

“ I wanted to write to say thank you to all of your colleagues who looked after my father whilst he was at Elmbridge village, particularly amongst others MC (senior carer).  The care that was given to him directly and looking after his home was immense and really grateful to you all.  I recognise he was not easy and resisted help as is the way with some.  But he could not have continued their for so long without your help and thank you very much indeed.  I and my family have been very grateful.”

JB  (relative) thanked me and said “Thank you for the good service as always, we always highly recommend Carers at Home”.

I had a lovely compliment from RH’s daughter LH yesterday about TE (carer). LH told me that RH absolutely loves TE and they have such a good bond. Whenever LH phones her mum she always talks about what her and TE have been doing. She feels that she has been a great help during this Covid 19 period and has kept her mum going at times when she has not fully understood about it. LH said that all the girls have been so good with her mum and she could not have asked for anyone better than Carers at Home. They have managed to do what the family and her mum wanted and that was to remain at home and independent.

Lilly emailed GW (carer) to say looking forward to when she returns to CAH in 4 weeks, and she replied ‘Ah it’s been incredible! PL (carer) has been absolutely amazing and I am so lucky I was able to go around with her (hopefully when I come back we can team up again). It’s been fantastic!!’

BC (client) rang to give notice. She is managing very well now and feels she does not need help in the evenings anymore. BC said how wonderful all the girls are, she has enjoyed having them very much. BC added “thank you, I can’t sing their praises (the carers) highly enough or recommend you (Carers at Home) highly enough.”

Mrs S said that she is really happy to have CK (carer), she is so kind and natural. She never refuses to do anything and is very helpful to me.

Email from a relative about her mother: I am writing to tell you that she (client) sang your praises. Said you were so kind and gentle, and quietly chatted to her until she was well awake, you gave her the best lovely shower and are the best out of all the carers. Thank you for your patience, she is not an easy person.

I know how busy everyone is and I really appreciate the carers and you for putting us back in. We couldn’t get through this without Carers at Home and you all. Thanks again. VA (wife). During Covid 19 isolation.

From wife of a client: I know how difficult it is for you and everyone too during this unreal time (Covid 19). You are all doing a great job and the carers are amazing. Hopefully there will be more help available eventually.’

JB (relative) said she is very thankful to us and the Carers At Home  really does go above and beyond. She is so thankful to all the carers for all they do.

Whilst on the phone Mrs S said that she was enjoying having CK (new carer) coming and that she was really helpful and a kind person.

On doing a review RB (son of client) mentioned how very grateful they are for SW (carer) doing the shopping at the moment due to them self isolating and the current situation.

KS – Friend of client said, “A huge thank you to KW (senior carer) and MC (senior carer) for making TS (client) birthday special. He felt bad as he was away and was not able to see him, but these two really made up for it. Thank you very much. Please pass on to Lilly (manager) how great they have been.”

Over the Easter weekend JB (Client) became very confused and verbally challenging towards his daughter, DB who called the CAH out of hours number. MA (carer) was out working and asked to pop into JB and DB. DB said afterwards that MA (carer) had spent at least half an hour trying to calm JB down, she said he was brilliant and a very good listener.

LA (relative) did say that thank you for everything we are doing she is glad we are going in. LA said that CW (client) said how good all the girls are.

JM (client) said the helpers (carers) are amazing people.

RD said she did admire everyone at CAH for what they are doing and to particularly thank KW (senior carer) and MC (senior carer)

Thanks again to you and all his carers for always going the extra mile. – Relatives niece.

SG (clients daughter) called in to say that she will miss speaking with us due to BG (mother) care package ending but thanked us for everything that we have done while caring for her mother.

“We are all incredibly grateful to you all. I have spoken to many agencies, but none as good as carers at home. Mummy loves you all, especially JM (carer). Also thank you to you CK (administrator) and CH (deputy) who are always so kind and helpful when I call.”

Thank you all for the incredible work that the carers are continuing to provide. – From clients daughter.

While CH (deputy) was visiting MS today, she mentioned how wonderful and lovely CK (administrator) is when she speaks to her on the phone. Very helpful and a lovely welcome to the company when calling the office. 

At her review visit, MS (client) said how happy she is with all the carers that visit her.  She added that they are all particularly respectful, she loves their company and they are chatty.

JM (client) was asked how his package of care was going.  He responded that Carers at Home are fantastic, kind and considerate. Has made a huge difference to his life and he feels he wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t visit.

A potential client, SCP telephoned from a local residential home to enquire about care.  She said “you came to visit another lady here, SG, and the carers were always so lovely with he and so caring, they always went the extra mile. I know how you operate and would like you to come to support me.

At his Annual review, a client, BS, said he is very happy with our service. He commented in response to some of the questions that he feels that the carers and office staff are like friends to him. He has a high level of trust and is extremely happy with the service overall.

Although SG is pleased about his potential new move, he said he will be really gutted to lose the carers who were all lovely.  He had a problem with a previous agency as they didn’t do any tasks like the washing-up, and were always clock-watching and eager to leave.  This was not his experience with Carers at Home, as the carers were always willing.

During their review visit, SG said  he particularly likes M; they have a laugh.  But all the carers are fantastic.

During a review visit. PR (Client) said that JM is her favourite, she is very dear, a sweetie and especially polite, courteous and respectful.  Everyone is extremely nice.

At the review AG (Client) and her son said to KW that all the carers are very helpful and AG said she gets on well with all the carers, she enjoys their company and she couldn’t ask for better care. Her son is also very happy with the standard of care his mother receives and feels he can rely on the carers.  They added that the manager was very professional when carrying out the initial assessment.20 December 2019

At the review, MC (Client) said to Lilly she is happy with the service. ES is the best carer of the lot. I am very happy with her; she always tidies up.

When visiting JM (client) today he said to Lilly all the carers are incredible, they are wonderful, especially M who particularly understands him and his requirements.

At the review SJ (client) said to Lilly: “the service is very, very good.”

At the review ME (client) said to M that she is very happy with Carers at Home, JP goes above and beyond and T tries very hard. ME added, “the carers are very important to me and I look forward to seeing them every day.”

At the review AM (Client) said to M: “I like all the carers; they are all very good.”

When doing the morning visit today for the client, MW, she said how good all the carers are, she likes them all that come to her. M is especially good, very thorough.

At the review with client, AG, her son S and BH from social services, AG and S said how appreciative they are of the clients coming. They added that all the carers, without exception, are very kind and thoughtful and do everything that AG requires.

MW (Client) rang to cancel visits as she is going on holiday. MW said she is really looking forward to seeing M tomorrow when she visits. MW added “All your girls are lovely, I can’t fault any of them, I am really chuffed with them all, they can’t do enough for me, M especially is a lovely girl.”

JM (client) said the carer CD was really helpful on Monday when she was in bed unwell. She made a drink and some toast and tidied up the kitchen and generally throughout the flat.

When visiting the client, MP today she said how good all the carers were that go to her, especially KB who goes regularly and always does the extra.28 August 2019

JM (client) was not feeling very well this morning and said during a telephone call that the carer, ES was so good with her today. She went and collected her washing from downstairs and did all the tasks she asked her too.

CC (client) rang and said when  the carer LG visited me earlier, she put everything right and did a miraculous job! She spent extra time there assisting him for which he was very grateful.

When visiting MS today she said “all your staff are wonderful that come to me, they are always cheerful and willing.”

When visiting MS (client) today she said how all the carers go above and beyond what is asked of them. They really are so helpful and always do extra tasks to help B and me. She added that they are kind and thoughtful.

At the review, JT (client) said that RD, her regular carer is very helpful and does just what I like to buy when we go shopping. JT added that RD is very funny and we have a laugh.

At the 3-month review BS, Client, said to CH that he is absolutely satisfied with the service, good and friendly. The best way to describe it is like having friends coming in.

At the review EF (Client) said to MC that he was happy with the care and all the support he got.

At the review AG, Client, said to MC that he was more than happy with the care, everyone is helpful. AG said he especially likes PL “she is doing a great job.”

When visiting LG and JG today they said how good the carers are and how grateful. They often do extra such as, contact the twilight nurses out of hours when L’s blood sugars are high, go and help L (out of visit times) when him mobility is poor, collect and take urine specimens to the surgery, collect medication from the pharmacy. They said they are very happy with all the carers, boys and girls.

At the review today, LS said “SM is your star carer; there isn’t anything she won’t do. All the carers are good, MC is also especially good.”

SW (carer) said when she visited MD and her daughter, they said how lovely she was and if she was a flower, they would pick her.

Dear Lily and all my wonderful carers. Thank you so much for all your kindness and wonderful care given to me during the time you spent with me. I miss you all. Much love CM.

JM rang office to complete the questionnaire over the phone. JM said he is fully satisfied with the service and made the following comments: “MR (Carer) is excellent, I really appreciate her coming here to me, she has become my counsellor as well as doing everything else for me.” He added “I think she has taken a master in psychology since being with me, I cannot fault her at all, and she helps my emotional state which is key for this MS nonsense.”

At the review JG (Client) said to KW at the review that overall, she is very satisfied with the service she receives for herself and her husband, L. JG said “the carers go above and beyond for us and I don’t think we could manage without them.”

At a recent staff meeting the carers thought ME (Client) would benefit from a social outing. It was agreed with ME and the family, and the first social visit was rostered for yesterday. ES took ME to a Garden Centre, ME said to MC (Senior Carer) at the evening visit yesterday how delighted she was with the outing. Lilly informed the family and they are also very pleased and would like the social visits to continue weekly from now on.

MV, client, said at the 3-month review that he is very happy with the package of care and the service provided.

TE said ‘thank you to you and Richard for all your support, I never had that from any of the other companies’

At the review KS (Client) said to MC that he is very happy with everything, his wife B agreed. They like all the carers that come but prefer male carers, everyone is lovely.

At the review AM (Client) said to MC that she is very happy with everything and likes her new carers.

At the review JM (Client) said that M, his regular carer, is just great.

When MM rang the office to day she said thank you very much for the help she has received, she would like to try on her own now. MM added “RD is a ‘doll’, she has been brilliant.”

At DM’s review DM AND JM (Clients) said when LK cleaned yesterday, she was really super, brilliant and did a great job.

D S said this morning to CH how much she likes R. She added how lovely she is and that she is very gentle and always makes sure she is ok and tucks her in at night. She has a lovely mummy way about her.

At the review MC (Client) said that she was very satisfied with the service and she especially likes MH, RD, ES and CD.

At the review NH (Client) said he was very happy with everything.

“I would also like to say that RD has been a lovely caring carer. I could not have had a better person to take such care in dealing with my legs and feet. She is such a lovely person”.

At the review PM (Client) said she is very happy with PL, her regular carer.

AC phoned CK to confirm that his last visit is down for tomorrow. He wanted to thank everyone who has looked after him and his mother for so long. He said that he will be sad not to see the carers as he feels that they have all become friends. CK reassured AC that he can ring for a chat any time or pop in when he is passing.

SC (Client) said at her review that she loved seeing the carers when they came to her and really enjoyed them coming.

At the 3-month review LS (Client) and husband JS said they are more than satisfied with the service.

At the review BS, wife of client, DS, said everything is working really well. BS thinks all the carers are wonderful and couldn’t look after D without them.

At the review Mr and Mrs G (clients) and the daughter said M and MC who both visit regularly are marvellous, very competent and have a good understanding of what is required.

At the review MM (client) said all the carers are very polite and courteous and respectful. RD is especially good, she is so gentle and takes time when washing her legs, patting them gently dry and applying the cream.

‘CAH provide a very good service and we are very pleased with all of the carers that come. They always help out with the housework and anything else that needs doing.’ (live-in carer).

New Client enquiry: ‘CAH are the best company around and has been recommended by several people. We are happy to wait for care for our mother if you cannot do her straight away.’
New Client enquiry: ‘Lilly’s name goes before her and I have heard she runs a tight ship.’

When assisting with a double up visit at MS, both MS and her husband, BS, expressed their gratitude for all the help they get. MS and BS said how good all the carers are, especially E, who continues to provide the highest standard of care, they added the carers are like family to them.

GS (client) and his wife (MS) said to E, “thank God you are here, you cheer us up and make life so much easier.” GS and MS are very happy with the service from Carers at Home and finding it very helpful as well as cheering up their day.

At the review LS (client) said she gets on very well with her regular carers they sometimes get her things from the local shop which she thinks is very kind. LS is very happy with the service.

Lilly went to visit JC (client) and her husband BC. BC said “I have a good rapport with all the girls that come to visit, Michaela is a particularly good carer and they all chat to J, even though she doesn’t talk.” BC added “we are so fortunate in getting care from you and your agency, your company and staff are great.”

JA said at the review with social services “all the carers are very good they do anything I ask them to do, including any shopping I need which they bring in the next day.” JA said to MF, from the social care team, “the staffs at the care agency are fantastic.”

When visiting LS, she said all the carers are lovely that come to her and JS (her husband) are very pleased they now have Carers at Home.

When visiting MD, her and her daughter, P, commented on all the carers that visit MD. They said they are all lovely girls, chatty and friendly.

RS and DS said to CH when he visited that they love all the carers that come and are very happy with Carers at Home.

MS and BS said Carers at Home at the best agency, they would not know what they would do without all the help and support from them, thank you for everything they are very grateful. MS said all the carers were really good but E is exceptional.

At the review MV said he is happy with his regular carers and overall happy with the service.

Warden: When Denise (Manager) went to assess a new client at the Warden said how pleased she is that it is Carers at Home looking after Mr x because she thinks the agency is excellent and we are all wonderful.

Warden: When going to assess a new client, Lilly met the warden who said “thank goodness it’s your agency who will be going into Mr x”. Mr x is reluctant to accept care. She said “I think your carers will be able to persuade him to have help”.

Warden: said of the client “I have seen a 200% improvement in her since your carers have been coming in, I’m hoping Carers at Home will be able to pick up another client soon who needs help when she comes out of hospital”.

Warden: said “I was so pleased to hear that Carers at Home were visiting a client”. She added, “I went to a meeting yesterday with Social services and told them, carers at Home are excellent, can we not use them as the sole agency?”

Warden: said “Well done on getting an excellent rating from CQC, you deserve it”.

Warden: Could you thank all the carers who kindly care for our clients and for all the persons behind the scenes who organise everything. Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work you are all committed to caring for others.

Warden: said “I think all your girls are amazing with the Client and you provide a very, very good service”

Warden of Day Centre: “ I think that all your carers that come to Derek are brilliant.”

Manager Retirement Housing: The Daughter in law of a potential client rang to enquire about care for her mother in law who lives in a retirement housing scheme. She said the Manager, had recommended Carers at Home and said the carers are very nice that come to the residents here.

The Community Support Worker:  rang to say that the handover meeting with the client and our company had gone very well and how impressed she was with the Carers at Home care plan and how much relevant detail it held.

Social Services Care Manager: rang Lilly to say that the review with Mrs R and her daughter had gone very well. They are delighted with the care being provided by Carers at Home, the care has never gone so well before Carers at Home started.

Social Services Care Manager and client’s son meeting: “all the cares are all very nice and helpful”.

Social Services Care Manager: said to Lilly “Do you know what the good thing is about Carers at Home? We (S/S) have not heard anything from 2 particular clients, who were constantly on the phone with problems regarding the service they were getting from the previous agency. Both clients are now very satisfied and very happy with the service from Carers at Home”.

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say how well, and smoothly, the care was now going with client and the family.

Social Services Care Manager: When CM rang Lilly today to ask if client’s visits could be increased, said how happy the client’s sister was happy with the care. She said she was ‘chuffed’  and ‘delighted’.

Social Services Care Manager: At client’s review the Care manager said how pleased she was to work with Carers at Home. She considered us to be ‘caring and liked our attitude’.

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say the client’s wife had called to say is very happy with the help they are getting. The wife said to her “we have very good people coming into to help.”

Waverley care lines:  Whilst visiting the client the person responsible at Waverley for the care lines was also there with a gentleman who was testing the care line and smoke detector. She said to Lilly “I wish all my Clients had you (referring to Carers at Home), you are so caring.”

Social Services Care Manager:visited client to see how the care was going. She said it was going much better the anticipated and the client and his wife are very pleased with the input from Carers at Home.

Social Services Care Manager: During a telephone conversation a Care Manager said she was recently speaking to a daughter of a new client. When she asked the daughter which agency she was using she replied “You could not have gone with a better agency”.

Social Services Carer Manager: came to the office to deliver an expired care plan and said “You are all doing a sterling job”.

Social Services Care Manager: said that “the client was singing Carers at Homes’ praises and said they were all very good”.

Social Services Care Manager: On a conference call regarding a client she said “Thank you for everything you have all done for her, especially with the dog, you have gone over and above the call of duty. I take my hat off to you”.

The Community Matron: said “You have done a great job, they are getting on so much better and well done to the girls, an excellent job, the client’s legs are so much better”.

Social Services Care Manager: (When arranging a review for the client), said “It is brilliant that the care is going so well, I never thought it would go so well”. “(the client) was very ill last year, but is managing now so well with the help going in, and his wife seems very happy with the carer too”.

Social Services: had a review with client who said “He is happy with the care he receives and he feels that it works well.

Retiring Social Services employee: said to Lilly “I have enjoyed working with you, you are the best agency around. You have very good staff”

Social Services Care Practitioner:  Following the client review, the Care Practitioner said client was very happy with all the carer workers, they are all marvellous, all very kind and the care is going very well.

Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to do a telephone review on client. She said client was very happy with the care and she could not fault any of the carer workers.

Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to say there had been a review at client’s with the family and herself. The client and the family said that they are very happy with the care and only had praise for the carer workers.

Social Services Care Practitioner: “Client is singing your praises, she is very happy with the service and especially gets on with JM”.

SAVI (Surrey Association for the Visually Impaired): “the care the client receives is more than Five Star, she is so well looked after and is very happy”.

Social Services:  said when she phoned regarding a new referral “You are very popular, everyone has heard about you and wants to come to you (as in agency)”

Social Services: rang asking if we could take on a POC next door to an existing client.  She said Carers at Home is known to the prospective client’s husband and he would very much like up to care for his wife. He was very complimentary about the carers that visit, saying how nice they all are and kind and caring and he would like them to visit his wife.

Social Services/client: Received a written review from Lindsay, Social Services reviewing officer. Mrs A said to  “the Care Workers are very good. Occasionally they are late but I understand that sometimes other clients have unavoidable problems. The carers always ring me if they are going to be 15 minutes late.” Mrs A said “I have a pool of about 10 different Care Workers some of whom come on a regular basis and others who come more infrequently”. Mrs A added that she has a good rapport with all her Care Workers and has no favourites, she feels that the Care Staff are approachable and she is able to ask them if she needs something.”

Social Services: At a review today, said how impressed she was with our paperwork, very clear and detailed, far better than any other agency she knew. She thought the medication side effects were a very good idea.

W.S.C.T: rang regarding a referral from the surgery to S/S about client. She said that he had expressed how happy he was with the care workers from Carers at Home.

Social Services: We regard Carers at Home as 5 star company. The Care Manager also said Carers at Home is a fantastic company, we have them first on the recommendation list for the local social services, they are very reliable and have an excellent team of care workers working for them.

Social Services (ASC): We called today to say we could take the ‘client’ back on when she comes out of hospital. ASC came back after talking to the family to say how delighted they were that CAH could continue caring for the client, they are ‘over the moon’. The family said CAH were their first choice, they were very happy with the care provided by us for both their parents and were so pleased we could still provide care.

Social Services: at a review review said to the client “You have one of the best agencies looking after you”. He said “I know I have and I like all the girls who look after me”Care Manager: said “your agency is the best around”

RSCH Social Care: On a review said to the client “ you are very fortunate to have CAH to do your care they are very well thought of and I am not just saying that because Ellen is sat here” the client said “ I know, they are all lovely and do a good job”

Guildford Social Care (A): When speaking to A about another client I mentioned that J a daughter of a client was ‘grumbling’ at the weekend to LE and MH about Carers at Home and I was about to ring her to find out the problem. A said she was surprised if Jane did have a complaint because Carers at Home was a fantastic agency.


The physiotherapist: said to Denise “you are an exceptional person, the agency you work for we had every confidence in. We were all so pleased you were there at the end”.

A member of the stroke team at Milford Hospital who was a friend of the client:  “I only ever hear excellent reports of Carers at Home, I am so pleased you were there with her, especially at the end”

Occupational Therapist: rang to say that she had met PL and CS today to go over the hoisting. She said “she was really impressed with the carers and how smoothly the moving and handling exercise went, the girls really know what they are doing”.

The Community Matron: said “You have done a great job, they are getting on so much better and well done to the girls, an excellent job, the client’s legs are so much better”.

Nurse at care home: said to TH when she went to take client out “I’m glad it’s you, BR likes you and you are very professional and good. It shows you are committed to your job as you shine and obviously love it, you are lovely”.

District Nurse: rang Lilly to make enquiries about the service and arrange an assessment. He said the District Nurse had recommended CAH. “They were emphatic that the Company was very good”.

Physiotherapist: “All the carers are doing a marvellous job”.

District Nurse:  said “I’m amazed, client’s blood sugars are normal.” She was delighted with Carers at Home, especially as the blood sugars are usually very unstable.

District Nurse: rang to say she has visited client today and was very impressed with the care workers and the care she is receiving.

District Nurse: at a review with Social Services, RJ said “Lilly’s care workers are all brilliant, they are excellent with the client.”

District Nurse: said to ES whilst she was visiting a client “we were just talking about Lilly’s girls, they are the best and I recommend them to everyone”. The client said “yes, I agree, they are definitely the best, everyone that has come to me anyway”.

Daughter-in-law: (of a client who had moved to a nursing home) “we are trying to get to the same level of care that you and the girls gave to Mum, which was excellent.”

District Nurse: our client said the district nurse asked her which agency she used. When she said Carers at Home, the district nurse said “Oh Lilly’s girls, they are the best.”

District Nurse:  rang to say Client’s insulin dosage had changed over the weekend and the care workers were very efficient. She said ‘the care workers are a credit to you, they are all very good’.

Physiotherapist: from RSCH rang regarding client’s discharge. Physio said that M’s family were very pleased with the care that Carers at Home were providing and would like her to return home with the same package of care.

District Nurse: Jo went to do the visit this morning at client’s. She met the district nurse, who said “I haven’t come across CAH before, but all the carers are brilliant”. She was very impressed with the care provided.

District Nurse: Introduced the carers today for a first visit. Husband said “I spoke to the district nurse at the weekend and she was saying how good Carers at Home are and was recommending you.”

Community Matron: When assessing Mrs. L, Husband said “Jthe Community Matron, recommended you. She said “Carers at Home are very good, the carers are all very good, I can recommend them.”

McMillian nurse: When she was explaining about the medication for the client, she said to Ellen “you have a real good bunch of carers, they do a grand job.”

Community Nurse: We have had several messages recently complimenting us on the care and support given by Carers at Home staff.  One in particular was from T, the Community Nurse who said of one of our carers (LO)  “I want to compliment her on her exceptional care towards client.  She wrapped cling film around her dressing in order for her to have a shower that she so desperately wanted as well as washing and styling her hair.” T felt she deserved a pat on the back for going beyond her care duties.  She said the carer was exceptional and she wanted to let Carers at Home know.  “Well done and thank you for the fantastic care that you all give, but a special thank you to LO.”

District Nurse: Lilly was discussing the care for this client today to the District Nurse she said the care that client receives is exceptional she is always pristine clean and her pressure areas are so good considering she has been bed bound for quite a few weeks. Your carer’s are doing a really good job there; please pass this on to them

GP: The GP left a message on MH’s phone stating what a fantastic job she is doing with (client). This lady has a lot of mental health issues and physical disabilities which MH has helped her with.

Occupational Therapist: When MC went to (client) yesterday the OT was there. The OT said to MC how smart CAH carers looked, and how professional they were. She compared the moving and handling to another agency who she said, did not demonstrate good techniques, not properly trained and were lifting a client out of the bed without using a hoist because they had not been trained how to use it.

RT (Community Matron) just called to say “ Thank you to all the carers who looked after OB, they all did a very good job and she was pleased that OB got her wish to stay at home too, so that she could end her days as she wished.”

Paramedics: Our carer found the client on the floor and called the paramedics. The paramedics required certain information regarding the client and complimented us on the extensive care plan, saying it was “good and had all the information they needed”.

Paramedics: THG visited a client this morning and found her unconscious. The paramedics were called and Lilly arrived soon after. The paramedics said to THG and again to Lilly after the event that THG did exactly the right procedure. They were impressed with her competence. THG kept calm and professional throughout the event.

Paramedic: When the paramedics were attending (client) they remarked how well they dealt with the situation and LE who was on-call.

Paramedic: When Jo was with (client) the paramedics needed to be called. Lesley said the care (provided by CAH) was amazing. Lesley needed information on the client which she found in the CAH care plan. Lesley said how impressed she was with the detail and how comprehensive it was.

Here are some of the lovely things some of our current and former care workers have said about working for us.

Care Worker: email – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Carers At Home for giving me the chance to work for such a great organisation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge whist working within a great team.

Prospective care worker: When Lilly was interviewing she asked the candidate if how she had heard about CAH. She stated that whilst visiting in Elmbridge Village she saw one of our care workers and asked what it was like to work for CAH. The care worker said “it is an excellent company to work for, they are very supportive and I am very happy”.

Care Worker (resigning): C wrote a letter of resignation to start her planned nursing practice. She wrote: I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the training you have given and making my time within the company a productive and enjoyable one. I have learnt a great deal with regards to caring, communication and working with others. I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to carry out my nursing placement with you in the office. I greatly appreciate everything you showed and taught me and taking the time to do this. Thank you.

Care Worker: (on leaving) wrote saying: Lilly and Richard and staff – “I would just like to thank you for the opportunity for working with you and your staff. When I first started I like to thank the ones who took me under their wings and showed me how to become a good care worker. I have never worked with such a dedicated and hard working group of people. Working as a team has been the drive to get over the difficult times and really enjoy the happy times. I will miss you all. Best wishes J xx

Care worker: said to Jo “this is the best job I have ever had and the best working year I’ve ever had.” We are impressed with KW too – she has proved to be a great care worker, conscientious, kind, reliable and caring. Lilly
Care Worker: ER-D said to Ellen ”I have received a really nice compliment and it makes me feel really good about myself”. The client said to ER-D “you have a very gentle way, I hope you come back again very soon.”

Care Worker: gave her notice in writing, she said ‘I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for the time I spent working for Carers at Home and wish you all the best for the future. Everything I know about care I have learned from you and I really enjoyed working her.’ She also came into the office to say thank you for supporting her and being understanding about a personal issue she had.

New Care Worker: When PT came for an interview she said that a colleague she worked with at Elmbridge village had recommended Carers at Home, saying what a good reputation we had. PT said she had also heard about the good quality care and service Carers at Home provided.

New applicant: came to the office today to apply for a care worker position. She said she came before to enquire when CAH were in the High Street and was very impressed with the person she spoke to there. She said CAH have a very good reputation and she is interested in working for us.

Care Worker: At AB’s appraisal she said that she found L particularly supportive when a client had passed away, she said that L was brilliant

New Care Worker: MMP has recently started with CAH and she has been out shadowing. She said the company is very organised. The carers have all been lovely that I have worked with, very welcoming, they are a credit to you. She felt that the support was very good that had received so far.

Job applicant: CD came to the office today enquiring about a job in care work CD said that Carers at Home had been highly recommended by someone from another domiciliary care agency.

Care Worker: At her appraisal said that she is very happy working with Carers at Home and thinks it is a good company to work for. She also said that the L and J do a very good job rostering and has no complaints with her roster. The carer worker added, M is very good too, always cheerful and helpful. s