Latest Quality Survey – March 2012

//Latest Quality Survey – March 2012

Latest Quality Survey – March 2012

We take a lot of time making sure that the service we supply is of the highest quality.  In addition to care worker training and regular supervisory visits by managers and supervisors – we conduct a quality survey every six months.  Below is the result of the last survey which was posted to clients in March 2012.  Seventy five clients have responded.   The table shows the percentage who are satisfied.   

At the request of the Care Quality Commission, the survey is conducted anonymously but we do give clients the opportunity of making comments and adding their names.  On the whole, we are very pleased with the results.  Should clients say they are not satisfied, and names have been provided, we of course contact them to find out what we can do better.  Because, as can be seen in my comments below, some clients have said they are not satisfied but did not provide their names for us to follow up on; in future we will put the names on the survey sheets and ask clients to remove them on a tear off slip if they wish to remain anonymous. 



1 Overall – are you happy with the service we provide?   100%
2 Overall – do care workers arrive on time?     99%
3 Do care workers stay the allocated time in your care plan?   100%
4 Do you have regular care workers?     92%
5 Do the care workers carry out the tasks on your care plan?     97%
6 Do the care workers treat you with respect and dignity? 100.0%
7 Do the care workers respect your privacy? 100.0%
8 Do care workers wear their uniform? 100.0%
9 Are the on-call staff helpful in answering your queries? 100.0%
10 Are the office staff helpful in answering your queries?     96%

I would like to make some comments on the results that are not at the 100% mark. 

Question 2:  At the beginning of every week we send each client a visit schedule so that they can know who is coming and when to expect them.    If their care worker goes sick or is held up at a previous client this can lead to a change of time.  Also whilst we always provide travelling time between clients, occasionally care workers can get held up in traffic.  As difficult as it is to meet this target we are always trying to do better.

Question 4:  What is a regular care worker?  Surrey County Council wish agencies to have a maximum of 3 care workers per client, which a reasonable target.  However, I believe all agencies struggle to meet this.  If we are visiting a client once each weekday then, care worker sickness and holidays, aside, we generally send only one or two different care workers.  Where a client has four visits a day, seven days a week and has two care workers at each visit, then the target will be missed.  We are completely aware of the need to send regular care workers and do try our very best to achieve this.

Question 5:  Two clients said that we were not always carrying out all the tasks in their plan. Unfortunately neither provided their names.  We will seek to identify any shortcomings in our client reviews.

Question 10:  Three clients said that they were not satisfied.  We have had a few growing pains in the office, not helped by one of our office staff going on long term sick leave.  Regular invoicing has also been an issue.  In the last three months we have appointed two deputy managers and a finance manager to address these issues and I am confident that they will now be resolved.

Richard Williams (Director)

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