7 February 2020

While CH was visiting MS today, she mentioned how wonderful and lovely CK is when she speaks to her on the phone. Very helpful and a lovely welcome to the company when calling the office. 

5 February 2020

At her review visit, MS said how happy she with all the carers that visit her.  She added that they are all particularly respectful, she loves their company and they are chatty.

3 February 2020

JM was asked how his package of care was going.  He responded that Carers at Home are fantastic, kind and considerate. Has made a huge difference to his life and he feels he wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t visit.

29 January 2020

A potential client, SCP telephoned from a local residential home to enquire about care.  She said “you came to visit another lady here, SG, and the carers were always so lovely with he and so caring, they always went the extra mile. I know how you operate and would like you to come to support me.

28 January 2020

At his Annual review, a client, BS, said he is very happy with our service. He commented in response to some of the questions that he feels that the carers and office staff are like friends to him. He has a high level of trust and is extremely happy with the service overall.

27 January 2020

Although SG is pleased about his potential new move, he said he will be really gutted to lose the carers who were all lovely.  He had a problem with a previous agency as they didn’t do any tasks like the washing-up, and were always clock-watching and eager to leave.  This was not his experience with Carers at Home, as the carers were always willing.

7 January 2020

During their review visit, SG said  he particularly likes M; they have a laugh.  But all the carers are fantastic.

4 January 2020

During a review visit. PR (Client) said that JM is her favourite, she is very dear, a sweetie and especially polite, courteous and respectful.  Everyone is extremely nice.

31 December 2019

At the review AG (Client) and her son said to KW that all the carers are very helpful and AG said she gets on well with all the carers, she enjoys their company and she couldn’t ask for better care. Her son is also very happy with the standard of care his mother receives and feels he can rely on the carers.  They added that the manager was very professional when carrying out the initial assessment.20 December 2019

28 November 2019

At the review, MC (Client) said to Lilly she is happy with the service. ES is the best carer of the lot. I am very happy with her; she always tidies up.

25 November 2019

When visiting JM (client) today he said to Lilly all the carers are incredible, they are wonderful, especially M who particularly understands him and his requirements.

13 November 2019

At the review SJ (client) said to Lilly: “the service is very, very good.”

8 November 2019

At the review ME (client) said to M that she is very happy with Carers at Home, JP goes above and beyond and T tries very hard. ME added, “the carers are very important to me and I look forward to seeing them every day.”

29 October 2019

At the review AM (Client) said to M: “I like all the carers; they are all very good.”

27 September 2019

When doing the morning visit today for the client, MW, she said how good all the carers are, she likes them all that come to her. M is especially good, very thorough.

24 September 2019

At the review with client, AG, her son S and BH from social services, AG and S said how appreciative they are of the clients coming. They added that all the carers, without exception, are very kind and thoughtful and do everything that AG requires.

24 September 2019

MW (Client) rang to cancel visits as she is going on holiday. MW said she is really looking forward to seeing M tomorrow when she visits. MW added “All your girls are lovely, I can’t fault any of them, I am really chuffed with them all, they can’t do enough for me, M especially is a lovely girl.”

28 August 2019

JM (client) said the carer CD was really helpful on Monday when she was in bed unwell. She made a drink and some toast and tidied up the kitchen and generally throughout the flat.

28 August 2019

When visiting the client, MP today she said how good all the carers were that go to her, especially KB who goes regularly and always does the extra.28 August 2019

28 August 2019

JM (client) was not feeling very well this morning and said during a telephone call that the carer, ES was so good with her today. She went and collected her washing from downstairs and did all the tasks she asked her too.

21 August 2019

CC (client) rang and said when  the carer LG visited me earlier, she put everything right and did a miraculous job! She spent extra time there assisting him for which he was very grateful.

20 August 2019

When visiting MS today she said “all your staff are wonderful that come to me, they are always cheerful and willing.” 

27 June 2019

When visiting MS (client) today she said how all the carers go above and beyond what is asked of them. They really are so helpful and always do extra tasks to help B and me. She added that they are kind and thoughtful.

26 June 2019
At the review, JT (client) said that RD, her regular carer is very helpful and does just what I like to buy when we go shopping. JT added that RD is very funny and we have a laugh.

6 June 2019
At the 3-month review BS, Client, said to CH that he is absolutely satisfied with the service, good and friendly. The best way to describe it is like having friends coming in.

4 June 2019
At the review EF (Client) said to MC that he was happy with the care and all the support he got.

30 May 2019
At the review AG, Client, said to MC that he was more than happy with the care, everyone is helpful. AG said he especially likes PL “she is doing a great job.”

28 May 2019
When visiting LG and JG today they said how good the carers are and how grateful. They often do extra such as, contact the twilight nurses out of hours when L’s blood sugars are high, go and help L (out of visit times) when him mobility is poor, collect and take urine specimens to the surgery, collect medication from the pharmacy. They said they are very happy with all the carers, boys and girls.

28 May 2019
At the review today, LS said “SM is your star carer; there isn’t anything she won’t do. All the carers are good, MC is also especially good.”

26 May 2019
SW (carer) said when she visited MD and her daughter, they said how lovely she was and if she was a flower, they would pick her.

25 May 2019
Dear Lily and all my wonderful carers. Thank you so much for all your kindness and wonderful care given to me during the time you spent with me. I miss you all. Much love CM.

14 May 2019
JM rang office to complete the questionnaire over the phone. JM said he is fully satisfied with the service and made the following comments: “MR (Carer) is excellent, I really appreciate her coming here to me, she has become my counsellor as well as doing everything else for me.” He added “I think she has taken a master in psychology since being with me, I cannot fault her at all, and she helps my emotional state which is key for this MS nonsense.”

14 May 2019
At the review JG (Client) said to KW at the review that overall, she is very satisfied with the service she receives for herself and her husband, L. JG said “the carers go above and beyond for us and I don’t think we could manage without them.”

7 May 2019
At a recent staff meeting the carers thought ME (Client) would benefit from a social outing. It was agreed with ME and the family, and the first social visit was rostered for yesterday. ES took ME to a Garden Centre, ME said to MC (Senior Carer) at the evening visit yesterday how delighted she was with the outing. Lilly informed the family and they are also very pleased and would like the social visits to continue weekly from now on.

3 May 2019
MV, client, said at the 3-month review that he is very happy with the package of care and the service provided.

2 May 2019
TE said ‘thank you to you and Richard for all your support, I never had that from any of the other companies’

25 April 2019
At the review KS (Client) said to MC that he is very happy with everything, his wife B agreed. They like all the carers that come but prefer male carers, everyone is lovely.

25 April 2019
At the review AM (Client) said to MC that she is very happy with everything and likes her new carers.

5 April 2019
At the review JM (Client) said that M, his regular carer, is just great.

4 April 2019
When MM rang the office to day she said thank you very much for the help she has received, she would like to try on her own now. MM added “RD is a ‘doll’, she has been brilliant.”

4 April 2019
At DM’s review DM AND JM (Clients) said when LK cleaned yesterday, she was really super, brilliant and did a great job.

4 April 2019
D S said this morning to CH how much she likes R. She added how lovely she is and that she is very gentle and always makes sure she is ok and tucks her in at night. She has a lovely mummy way about her.

4 April 2019
At the review MC (Client) said that she was very satisfied with the service and she especially likes MH, RD, ES and CD.

22 March 2019
At the review NH (Client) said he was very happy with everything.
20 March 2019
“I would also like to say that RD has been a lovely caring carer. I could not have had a better person to take such care in dealing with my legs and feet. She is such a lovely person”.

20 March 2019
At the review PM (Client) said she is very happy with PL, her regular carer.

15 March 2019
AC phoned CK to confirm that his last visit is down for tomorrow. He wanted to thank everyone who has looked after him and his mother for so long. He said that he will be sad not to see the carers as he feels that they have all become friends. CK reassured AC that he can ring for a chat any time or pop in when he is passing.

15 March 2019
SC (Client) said at her review that she loved seeing the carers when they came to her and really enjoyed them coming.

12 March 2019
At the 3-month review LS (Client) and husband JS said they are more than satisfied with the service.

12 March 2019
At the 3-month review LS (Client) and husband JS said they are more than satisfied with the service.

28 February 2019
At the review BS, wife of client, DS, said everything is working really well. BS thinks all the carers are wonderful and couldn’t look after D without them.

28 February 2019
At the review Mr and Mrs G (clients) and the daughter said M and MC who both visit regularly are marvellous, very competent and have a good understanding of what is required.

25 February 2019
At the review MM (client) said all the carers are very polite and courteous and respectful. RD is especially good, she is so gentle and takes time when washing her legs, patting them gently dry and applying the cream.

14 February 2019
‘CAH provide a very good service and we are very pleased with all of the carers that come. They always help out with the housework and anything else that needs doing.’ (live-in carer).

12 February 2019
New Client enquiry: ‘CAH are the best company around and has been recommended by several people. We are happy to wait for care for our mother if you cannot do her straight away.’
12 February 2019
New Client enquiry: ‘Lilly’s name goes before her and I have heard she runs a tight ship.’

7 February 2019
When assisting with a double up visit at MS, both MS and her husband, BS, expressed their gratitude for all the help they get. MS and BS said how good all the carers are, especially E, who continues to provide the highest standard of care, they added the carers are like family to them.

28 January 2019
GS (client) and his wife (MS) said to E, “thank God you are here, you cheer us up and make life so much easier.” GS and MS are very happy with the service from Carers at Home and finding it very helpful as well as cheering up their day.

9 January 2019
At the review LS (client) said she gets on very well with her regular carers they sometimes get her things from the local shop which she thinks is very kind. LS is very happy with the service.

9 January 2019
Lilly went to visit JC (client) and her husband BC. BC said “I have a good rapport with all the girls that come to visit, Michaela is a particularly good carer and they all chat to J, even though she doesn’t talk.” BC added “we are so fortunate in getting care from you and your agency, your company and staff are great.”

8 January 2019
JA said at the review with social services “all the carers are very good they do anything I ask them to do, including any shopping I need which they bring in the next day.” JA said to MF, from the social care team, “the staffs at the care agency are fantastic.”

6 January 2019
When visiting LS, she said all the carers are lovely that come to her and JS (her husband) are very pleased they now have Carers at Home.

6 January 2019
When visiting MD, her and her daughter, P, commented on all the carers that visit MD. They said they are all lovely girls, chatty and friendly.

6 January 2019
RS and DS said to CH when he visited that they love all the carers that come and are very happy with Carers at Home.

4 January 2019
MS and BS said Carers at Home at the best agency, they would not know what they would do without all the help and support from them, thank you for everything they are very grateful. MS said all the carers were really good but E is exceptional.

3 January 2019
At the review MV said he is happy with his regular carers and overall happy with the service.

Family & Friends

17 March 2020

DM was speaking to PF, the son of a client who was leaving our service due to an increased care need after a hospital admission. The son said that he is very grateful for everything all the carers had done for his Dad.  They have all been outstanding.

11 February 2020

KD rang to ask PF if would like to receive the visit schedule by email so that he has a copy in case J lost, or could not find the rota we send. He said it he could not run it off, but thanked us and said the care was great.  They were really happy with everything and with his carers.

31 January 2020

Hi Richard,  I wanted to show my great appreciation for the help, care and service that my mum, ES and I have received from LK and all the team.

Ever since my mum needed help in the home and LK came along to see us, I have been so impressed with the professionalism linked with friendliness and care LK gives, she does not miss a trick.  She has solved problems for us quicker than I would have imagined possible.  My mum’s lifestyle has been maintained and I have been given tremendous support and assistance in every way.  I don’t know how I would have coped without her.  If we have a problem, she sorts it and she is always there for me to discuss my thoughts and ask questions if I have concerns.  My mum’s needs are ever-changing after all she is 99 L has turned on a sixpence and involved O.T.’s and other agencies to help get us to the house, increasing my mum’s package of care etc. so quickly and efficiently.  All of which has given me peace of mind in a very traumatic situation.  My aim was always to let my mum live at home for absolutely as long as possible.  She loves her bungalow.  I could not find the words to thank LK enough.  Please recognise her and praise her.  The rest of the team that visit my mum are all super, with thanks to LK’s guidance and care for her job.  All those ladies need praise and recognition along with LK; she has a great team, each one of which is individual but absolutely super, caring, kind and friendly but at all times preserving dignity. My mum and I could not survive without them.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  Please relay this to all concerned.  Kind Regards, JB (daughter of client)

19 December 2019

At the review K, the friend of client AS said the care workers carry out their tasks to a very high standard and they are extremely happy with the service.

17 December 2019

The daughter and son in law of client JB thanked Carers at Home for: ‘all the care and kindness whilst looking after her over the years. She is settling into the care home.’

11 December 2019

DP (client’s son) said, ‘it would be lovely to have PL visit where possible as her quality of care is exceptional’.

11 December 2019

Thank you for organising the visits, it can’t be easy! It has worked well recently with the timings and excellent care from J, M and C.  Have a lovely Christmas and a restful break.  Best wishes to everyone.

27 November 2019

Whilst at the review of an existing client, Kerry, the OT, asked about another client on the ward that Carers at Home are due to start visiting. Kerry said how pleased everyone involved with this gentleman was that we are taking over the care package. Kerry added that Clare (Care Manager) said Carers at Home are the best agency to have.

27 November 2019

At the hospital review for AF (client), her family said, “the care provided by Carers at Home is so good, the carers are all brilliant, especially PL. We are very happy with everything.”

27 November 2019

JH (son of client, BH) rang and spoke to Jenni. He said when A last visited, she offered to come more frequently if needed as I’m available. JH said, “A and my mum just click and they have a very good chat, M is very good too.”

23 November 2019

JH (son of client, BH) rang the office. He said when A last visited, she offered to come more frequently if needed as I’m available. JH said, “A and my mum just click and they have a very good chat, M is very good too.”

12 November 2019

Hi Lilly. Had contact with Mum who seems a lot calmer and accepting of situation. I understand you had good talk with her this morning so hopefully, going forward, all will be well. She confirmed that the doctor has details of new drug regime so re ordering should be ok.  Yet another mini crisis averted!!  Thank you so much.  From C – New client’s daughter.

24 October 2019

L (daughter) called to say she was sorry that we are not helping her father, RR, anymore but wanted to thank us all for everything we did for him and did express that C was great.

17 October 2019
AB ‘s wife V emailed: Just to say we have been happy with the timing of the rota and the continuity of care with JM over the last two weeks. She and A get on well and we both think she is very efficient and nice to have around. If possible, please don’t change it! Best wishes.

17 October 2019
B, the daughter of V&M G (clients) emailed to say: MH has been doing a grand job of reading to Mum and Dad – poetry and one of Mum’s favourite novels. Mum really comes alive with poetry, so that had an amazing effect. Music too. So, her visits are very therapeutic.

7 October 2019
DM called J to discuss his father G and he said “You are all very kind, I can’t thank you enough for all you do and I have to say MR is great, she is always happy and has a wonderful demure about her.

6 August 2019
L, daughter of YT said: Thanks for all your support; you have all been outstanding in your care and consideration to my Mum.

5 August 2019
GD, daughter of client, JD, who recently passed away, wrote:
Dear Lilly, I am writing to thank you and all the girls who came into Mum’s life in the last couple of years. We could not have had lovelier ladies and feel we were so lucky with all of them, especially in view of some of the horror stories we all read about in the newspapers, but all of the ones who only came once or twice were truly wonderful with Mum even when, sadly, she a little difficult in the last few weeks. Also thanks to the girls who came to her funeral yesterday.

24 July 2019
AF, wife of client, JF, rang. She said “all your girls are gorgeous and THG is absolutely marvellous. They are all good.”

17 July 2019
SL, daughter of BE said: It’s been really good having the other carers back, we really like MH but mum really loves having MF also and she really is very good.

2 July 2019
AD wife of client, BD rang to say that her husband has gone in for emergency respite. AD said, “I am very impressed with your company, all your girls are very good, thank you for the care.”

2 July 2019
D (daughter) said how brilliant JW (carer) was with RC this morning. She said that she managed to get him to have a shower, put all his washing on and tidied up the place thoroughly. She wanted me to thank JW for this and so I gave her a call with the feedback.

28 May 2019
D, daughter of client DS, rang Lilly to thank her for all the carers help yesterday. DS had arrived back from respite and due to difficulties breathing was taken directly to the RSCH where he passed away. KW took B, DS wife, in her car as the paramedics advised because he was so unwell, she did not go with them. D said thank you to KW and MC, she added “KW was wonderful, she drove Mum to the hospital, stayed with her until I arrived, about 5 hours later and made sure she ate by buying her a sandwich.”

26 May 2019
Niece of client, M rang to say that YT had had a fall. The paramedics were called but they advised a 5 hour wait. CH arrived for the lunch time visit, assessed the situation and managed to assist YT up onto a chair. M praised CH saying how good he was. She added all the carers are very good with YT and all very caring

3 May 2019
NH (daughter of client, MH) said at a meeting with Eva at social services, “The agency (CAH) is brilliant. JC is brilliant with my mother as are all the carers including KL and SM.

1 May 2019
SK, daughter of client, MK, said to CB from social services “hand on heart, I cannot recommend Carers at Home highly enough”. She added “there is consistency with the carers going which is very important for my mother.”

27 April 2019
On visiting MT to do his care visit on Saturday, his wife ST said “you are all fantastic and I can’t thank you enough for the way you clubbed together to support MT while I was away”.

16 April 2019
When SK rang today, she said “You are all brilliant, all the ladies are lovely with my Mum, I feel confident that she is in good hands when I go to work.” “I am very happy with the care.”

12 April 2019
When talking to LB (niece of client, ES) she said how thrilled they are with all the carers that visit her aunt. She is very happy now that E is getting an extra 15 minutes in the evening because she is getting extra fluids and her tablets. LB added “we do really appreciate all the help.”

10 April 2019
Lilly rang QK (sister of client, MK) to wish her and MK all the best. MK is going into a nursing home. QK said “I can’t thank you enough for all your help; there is not one person that has been to Michael that has not been good. All the carers have become like friends to M and I and we have really enjoyed them coming.”

7 April 2019
Your carers have been looking after my wife for some time now and we would like to say how pleased we are with all the lovely ladies who have attended her. Without exception they have been punctual, competent, hardworking, sensitive and most important of all HAPPY. Nothing has been too much trouble for any of them and it is a pleasure to have them attend.

2 April 2019
Husband of client: “I have a good rapport with all the girls that come to visit and they all chat to J, even though she doesn’t talk.” “We are so fortunate in getting care from your agency. Your company and staff are great.”

13 March 2019
CK took a phone call from D (LB’s son) thanking us for sending MC to do the assessment with his father this morning. D was embarrassed that his father was not responsive to having carers and a little difficult. He refused to do the assessment and said he did not need help. MC was reported by D to be ‘Amazing, tolerant, patient and very professional during the visit’. D said that he and his family/sister have been treated with the upmost respect and patient since his sister’s initial enquiry about their father. He thanked CK for all the information and help of organising the assessment and spending a lot of time explaining to his sister what we could provide and how things worked. He went on to say that he had ‘Heard nothing but extremely good things about CAH.’

4 March 2019
RB (daughter of client SD) said at the review she finds the office very helpful, particularly CK. SD said he gets on with everyone and likes AF and MC.

25 February 2019
When visiting JF (client) his wife AF said “Lilly, you have a good lot there, all your carers are really lovely and have been so helpful to me, especially since I’ve done this (AF recently broke her arm). JF added that he is very happy with the carers and everything they do.

21 February 2019
At the review DP, son of client, GP, said how good all the carers are with his mother, and very nice, but PL is particularly good.

24 January 2019
Received a letter from MW (client) and AW (husband):

Dear Lilly,

Your Carers have been looking after M for some time now and we would like to say how pleased we are will all the Lovely Ladies who have attended her.

Without exception, all the ladies have been punctual, competent, hardworking, sensible and most important of all, HAPPY, and nothing has been too much trouble for any of them and it is a pleasure to have them attend.

Also, we appreciate the fact that your Office has always kept us informed when any Carers are going to be late etc.

We know that any business is only as good as its staff, but equally important is good management, which your company obviously has, therefore we would like to compliment you on both aspects.

Would you please convey to your staff involved how pleased we are with all the ladies who have attended her.

28 January 2019
JS (GS’s son) said to DM how grateful he was, and couldn’t thank us enough, all the carers are excellent.

17 January 2019
SH, daughter of MP said: All seems to be going well at Mum’s with your lovely ladies, and Mum likes everyone who has been.

13 January 2019
Dear Lilly, A big thank you to all the team for helping make sure my father’s CT scan went smoothly last week. It was complicated, with all the requirements about food, timing etc., and my father was quite anxious about it, so it was lovely and very reassuring to know that I could rely on all of you to help him through it. So many thanks to everyone, especially KB, AF & MC for all they did. Could you please pass my thanks on to them.

7 January 2019
CK (wife of client TK) rang with an invoice query, whilst on the phone she said all the carers are very good, RD is doing very well. As a registered manager herself CK said she was particularly impressed by the detail in our care plans and how thorough they are

4 January 2019
When talking to AB (son of client, IB) he said all the carer are doing a brilliant job.