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The Managing Director
Carers at Home Ltd

Dear Sir

During my working life I controlled a large external force of some seven hundred mobile engineers.  We experienced much severe weather in our attempt to maintain service.  Nevertheless at the age of 85 I am sure that I have never seen (in this country) snow of such intensity as that we had during the night of 2nd February which left at least a foot deposited on our drive and the neighbourhood paralysed.

My wife and I awaited your telephone call to tell us that you could not come and we made somwhat naive plans to ‘go it alone’.  We were pleasantly surprised and relieved (I should say “astonished”) when your carers turned up in more or less the usual way and it was a case of ‘business as usual’.

This was a remarkable example of management acumen and competence.  Although snow had been forecast we did not expect to receive snow fit for a Swiss resort which made roads impassable for ordinary vehicles.  The manner in which you responded to this challenge does you great credit and my wife and I are extremely grateful.  It confirms that you make every effort to live up to your name.  Will you please offer our thanks to all concerned and confirm the gratitude which both of us feel towards them.

Copies to: Jeremy Hunt MP, Chief Executive Surrey County Council, Care Manager SCC





To (client)
Copy Carers at Home

Thank you for your recent letter bringing to my attention the commitment and high quality of care you have received from Carers at Home Ltd.  I am always delighted when i receive positive reports from satisfied constituents about a care service.

I imagine your letter to The Managing Director of Carers at Home Ltd will be an uplifting and welcome recognition to the staff that they are carrying out their objective to provide the best care possible.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Hunt
Member of Parliament
South West Surrey




Dear Lilly

I am writing to say thank you for engaging me to do your staff training on Wednesday last. 

I had a really good day with two groups of staff who clearly demonstrated a keen interest in the subject of dementia but who also came across as caring and understanding about the clients for whom they care and give support.  I was impressed that many of your staff, who have been in care work for many years, were still open-minded and prepared to continue their learning.

Please let me know when you move offices so that I know exactly where you are, as I would have no hesitation in recommending any of my clients to your service.

I wish you continued success with you business and would ask that you pass on my kindest regards to your staff team.




Mrs. Lilly Worner
Carers at Home Ltd

I would like to express my sincere appreciation of your team who were attending (client).  I was with them on Monday evening when they were delivering care and i have to say that I was very impressed with their professionalism and the empathy they showed towards (client) and her husband.  I would be grateful if you would pass on this letter to the team members.

Consultant (name omitted)
West Sussex NHS
Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Services




Lilly Worner
Carers at Home

Dear Lilly

It is now about 13 months since (my wife) left hospital and returned home.  I believe it was 3rd November that we had our first experience of home care with ‘Carers at Home’.  We were both green without a clue as to the procedure and the outlook for the future was decidedly bleak.  Indeed (my wife’s) condition was poor and the prospect of her surviving to a second Christmas seemed unlikely.  This forecast proved to be completely wrong and, apart from the obvious problems with Parkinson’s disease, her condition improved to an astonishing degree.

Credit for this goes without doubt to the care she received from the carers and the dedication shown by all of them to her care and comfort.  What  has surprised me particularly is that, considering the number of people involved and also the occasional changing of faces, we have had no reason to make a complaint.. Clearly it is to your personal credit that your judgement is sound in choosing the right persons for this complicated and very important profession.

On behalf of all our family I would like to thank you and all the carers for the consistent, friendly and thoroughly conscientious care (my wife) has received over this long period.  I think I can say that our relationship with all of them has been excellent and very friendly.  Please let them know how much we value them all.

In our age group one cannot talk easily of the ‘future’ but whatever future we have we hope, most sincerely, that our relationship will continue for a long time.  We wish everybody good luck and good health and also a very happy Christmas.




Dear Lilly, Richard and your band of ladies

On behalf of (my daughter) I would like to say a big thank you to each one of you who did a great job in the awful snowy weather.  It was good to have the care and help still each day, meant a great deal to me and (my daughter).  All you ladies are super but I would like to say many thanks to DS and ES in particular.  Sorry haven’t written this out to you sooner.