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A leading independent agency

Lilly and Richard jointly own and manage Carers at Home. It really does make a difference. We care about our care workers and appreciate the meaningful work that they do in improving our clients’ lives.

We try to be the very best employer with good career development opportunities. We are a ‘hands-on’ local care agency and we know that having great staff, who are happy, means we have happy clients with great care.

What we offer

  • Free training
  • 28 days annual paid holiday
  • Free staff uniforms
  • Full mileage allowance
  • Paid attendance at meetings

About the role

The most common services we provide for clients include help with getting up and/or going to bed, washing, bathing/showering, meal preparation and diet monitoring.

For many clients we will prompt or administer their prescribed medication.

Other non-medical services include; light housework, cooking, laundry, shopping and errands.

It’s often the little things in life that some of our clients miss and need the most however.

Companionship and human interaction are among our most important duties.

Just chatting or reading to a client helps them not to feel isolated from everything that’s going on around them.

We employ approaching 100 care workers and support staff. We are growing and have opportunities for full-time and part-time field-based care workers.

We’re looking for people who have common sense and good spoken English.

You may be the only person that our clients see in a day and so you need to be caring and cheerful.

This will enable you to make their lives more enjoyable.

Pay rates

Effective February 19th 2018

Bank holidays
Christmas Day

£10.50 per hour
£12.00 per hour
£13.00 per hour
£15.00 per hour

In addition to normal pay, you will also be entitled to

Paid company meetings
Paid shadowing training
Paid classroom training

£8.72 per hour
£8.72 per hour
£8.72 per hour


You will also receive paid holiday (calculated on the average £ amount that you have earned in the last 12 weeks).

Additional benefits

30p per mile business allowance (tax free)
Free staff uniform and disposable gloves etc.

Induction Training

You will take a four day induction training course before you join us (we pay for this). Once you become an employee you will then spend time shadowing an experienced care worker colleague until you and we are happy that you are able to go out on your own. If you are completely new to care work you will be placed on a more thorough assessment process that leads to you being awarded a Care Certificate after around 12 weeks.


Being a care worker means that you need to be fully independent. You will need to have a full driving licence, have access to your own car and be insured for business use.

Competitive package

We pay you for all the work you do – including training and company meetings (except we do not pay you for the free 4-day induction training which you need to take before being employed by us).

We give 28 days paid holiday (inc. bank holidays) for staff who work 5 days a week or more. It is pro-rata for part-time staff, e.g. if you work an average of 2 ½ days a week you get 14 days holiday.

We provide free training (as long as you complete your 3-month probationary period).

We provide free staff uniforms.

Compare our offer

When comparing agencies, be sure to ask the following questions:

Is holiday pay included in the pay rates?

Some agencies do this to make their rates appear around 10% higher. They don’t pay you the money, it goes into a holiday fund to pay out when you go on holiday. Carers at Home pays holiday pay in addition to your pay

Do they pay to attend company meetings?
Carers at Home does.

Do they pay to attend training?
Carers at Home does.

Do they pay a mileage allowance or full mileage – what are their rates?
This can make a big difference to your take-home pay. At Carers at Home we pay a transparent allowance.

Do you get travel time between clients?
Carers at Home does.

Do you get paid extra time if you need to stay longer with a client?
Carers at Home does.


If you think you fit the bill and would be interested in becoming a care worker, please click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below. We’ll then call you back (during working hours) for an informal chat.

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